Road Safety Operation in Abergavenny

Local officers held an early morning operation targeting road safety alongside our partners from the Fire Service and Community Speed Watch.

During the action, drivers were pulled over for breaking the law on offences such as speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, using a mobile phone and driving a vehicle that's not roadworthy.

The focus of the operation was in relation to education, where offending drivers were asked to watch a video showing the devastated consequences of dangerous driving.

Sixteen drivers were pulled over during the morning rush hour, nine were shown the video, some were advised on vehicle defects and one passenger received a street caution for a class B drug offence.

Community Speed Watch also caught six drivers for breaking the limit, with the highest speed in a 30mph zone recorded as 42mph, offenders will receive warning letters.  

If you are interested in joining your local Community Speed Watch - head over to our website and contact your local neighbourhood team for details.

For daily updates please follow the local team on Twitter @gpabergavenny.

Watch our video from the operation here: