Application Process

There are a number of stages to the application process:

Application Form

To pass this stage, you’ll need to fill out a competency-based application form. If you pass the basic eligibility criteria already discussed, we’ll assess your answers to the competency-based questions. Try to answer the questions as carefully and as fully as you can. Please check your spelling and grammar; applications with more than ten spelling and grammar mistakes will be rejected.

Police Initial Recruitment Test

If you pass the application form stage, the next step is to attend a Police Initial Recruitment Test. The session will consist of a verbal logical reasoning test.

In the verbal logical reasoning test, you must answer 31 multiple choice questions in 25 minutes, which will measure your ability to reason logically when given facts about events.

Competency Based Interview

You will be asked four or five questions on how you have dealt with specific situations. The questions will relate to the key competencies needed to be a Special Constable.

Pre-appointment checks

Before appointment, you’ll be required to pass:

Fitness Test, this is comprised of:

  • Shuttle run to level 5/4 (Bleep test)

Drugs Test 

  • This will be in the form of a hair sample


  • Full health check which involves; height/weight, BMI, lung function, ear & eye testing, blood pressure and urine sample

Three-Year Reference History 

Security Vetting Process

  • We will carry out background security checks to see if you are eligible to become a Special Constable. This will verify your identity. Please update us if there are any changes to this information. As part of the vetting process, candidates are required to give a DNA sample (mouth swab) and fingerprints, which will be checked against a national database.

These pre-appointment checks can sometimes take between three and six months. Please be aware that you must attend any appointments in your own time, including your uniform fitting appointment.

Successful Appointment

Once you have completed all pre-employment checks, you’ll be allocated a place on the next available training course.


If you are successful in the recruitment process you will be asked to attend a modular training programme. This will start with a period of weeks in training to learn the basics. Once you have passed the first exam you will be sworn in as a Special Constable. You will then leave training for a few weeks to perform duties alongside a mentor, completing a personal development plan as you go. This process is then repeated until you have passed all of the necessary elements required to become a Special Constable. 

Training usually takes place on a weekday evening and a Saturday, with a requirement to attend a few full weekends. We would be looking for a commitment to attend all training.