Pay and Benefits

When you join Gwent Police as a Community Support Officer, we'll make a wide range of benefits available to you.

All Community Support Officers commence on £19,521 increasing to £21,618. In addition you will be entitled to a set shift allowance and eligible to claim weekend enhancements.

Annual Leave
Annual leave allowance starts at 22 days, and rises to 27 days, dependent on your length of service.

Bank Holidays
Gwent Police allows leave for eight statutory public/bank holidays, pre-determined by the UK Government, as follows:

  • New Year's Day              
  • Good Friday                                 
  • Easter Monday              
  • May Day                                       
  • Spring Bank Holiday      
  • August Bank Holiday     
  • Christmas Day                
  • Boxing Day

Community Support Officers are entitled to take these holidays in addition to their annual leave entitlement, and will take the holidays on the designated day or if they are due to work the bank holiday, they will be able to take them on an alternative authorised nominated day.

Part-time employees have bank holidays on a pro rata basis.

Childcare Voucher Scheme
If you are using registered or approved childcare, you can choose to take part of your salary in Childcare Vouchers to pay for it, which is tax and National Insurance (NI) free. This means you get extra value from your pay packet each month.

Maternity Leave / Adoption Leave
We have a full occupational Maternity Leave policy available to all employees of Gwent Police. We also offer an Adoption Leave policy.

Subject to length of service, Police staff are entitled to 6 weeks at 90% pay, 12 weeks at Statutory Maternity Pay plus half pay and 21 weeks at Statutory Maternity Pay. The remaining 13 weeks would be unpaid.

Pension Scheme
You'll enjoy the advantages of a contributory pension scheme.

Gwent Police offer an Occupational Health and Welfare Unit to help maintain both your physical and psychosocial health while you are at work. The Service is totally confidential, and also includes a counselling service.