Gwent Community Risk Register

As part of the risk assessment process, we have been considering the likelihood and impact of a range of hazards occurring within the Local Resilience Forum area (The area covered by the Gwent Police Force.)

This work, a statutory requirement under the Civil Contingencies Act, is an ongoing process. It is our intention to make further details available via this website as and when it is practical and appropriate to do so.

The risk assessments included in the register will only cover non-malicious events (i.e. hazards) rather than threats (i.e. terrorist incidents). This does not mean that we are not considering threats within our risk assessment work, but given the sensitivity of the information supporting these risk assessments and the potential for use by adversaries, specific details [beyond that provided below] will not be made available via this website.

Typical hazard scenarios that are being considered include, for example:

  • Transport accidents **
  • Severe weather
  • Flooding
  • Industrial accidents and environmental pollution
  • Human health
  • Animal health
  • Industrial technical failure

Typical threat scenarios that are being considered include, for example:

  • Conventional attacks using explosives
  • Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear (CBRN) threats
  • Electronic attacks - e.g. affecting utilities and communications

Risk assessment is not a static process and is subject to constant review. The information contained on this website will be updated, as and when it is practical and appropriate to do so.

The inclusion of hazards or scenarios (i.e. the outcome descriptions) does not mean that the Local Resilience Forum believes the risk will materialise, or that if it were to do so, it would be at that scale. The risk scenarios are rather reasonable worse case assumptions upon which our risk assessment is based.

** - the term 'accident' is consistent with the Local Risk Assessment Guidance 2005. however, on a local basis, the term 'incident' will be used.

The Information being published is a list of the type of risks that are currently being assessed in greater detail to form part of the complete Community Risk Register.

Gwent Community Risk Register
Joint Agency Arrangements for Managing Pandemic Influenza

Requests for further information should be addressed in writing to: Gwent Local Resilience Forum Secretariat, Emergency Planning Department, Gwent Police Headquarters, Croesyceiliog, Cwmbran, NP44 2XJ