Recent Changes to Legislation

The Firearms (Amendment) Rules 2013

These rules mainly simplify application forms. The new procedure, made available from December 1st 2013, will include only one form for grants and renewals. There will be a small separate form for anyone wanting to vary their firearm certificate.

Other benefits to be introduced include the removal of the requirement for a professionally-qualified countersignatory. This means applicants will no longer need to approach a person such as an MP or Doctor to sign their shotgun certificate but will be able to use a suitable person who has known them for over two years, and who is not a family member, Registered Firearms Dealer or police employee.

Ammunition requirements have also been simplified; under the new system it will no longer be mandatory to declare how much ammunition can be bought, only how much can be possessed.

Along with the new single form there will be an "equality information" page. This is not a compulsory form and need only be completed if the applicant wishes to.

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