Wildlife Crime

A picture of the Wildlife Crime Conference poster

There were 196 reports of wildlife crime reported to Gwent Police in the year 2008⁄2009 which could include incidents of badger and bat persecution, fox hunting, bird trapping, poaching, poisoning and baiting and thefts of bird eggs and chicks.

In a determined effort to combat and raise awareness of wildlife crime Gwent Police recently hosted the annual Welsh Wildlife Crime Conference together with the Countryside Council for Wales. Additionally, Gwent Police recently trained an extra eight officers to specialise in wildlife crime, bringing the total trained to ten officers.

Wildlife Crime Officers, who report to the National Wildlife Crime Unit, are responsible for enforcing wildlife laws and preventing wildlife crime. Officers also provide specialist support and assistance to colleagues and work in partnership with many other agencies, both government and non-government, in Britain and internationally, as well as providing a focal point for enquiries from the public.

They regularly carry out joint enquiries with government agencies including the Environment Agency and the Countryside Council for Wales and non government agencies such as RSPB and local community groups. They also work closely with farming, landowning and game-keeping organisations and with organisations which have a working or leisure involvement with wildlife or the environment.

If you think a crime against wildlife or the environment has been committed in your local area, report it immediately on 101.