How to obtain information

Information and Publications

This Publication Scheme has been designed to highlight information and publications that are currently available from Gwent Police. Our website address is;

Where information is available on the website a hypertext link will direct you to the correct page on the website. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for on this Scheme you can make a Right of Access request in writing to:

Mr. Dylan Collins
Freedom of Information Officer
Room 195
Gwent Police
Police Headquarters
NP44 2XJ

Or alternatively email:

[email protected]

Or telephone: Tel: 01633 643 014

If you have difficulty in relation to composing a request or writing one, contact the Freedom of Information office on the above contact details. We may be able to assist further with your request.

Making a Freedom of Information Request

For a request to be valid under the Freedom of Information Act, the following criteria must be met

  • The request must be made in writing
  • It can be made by letter, fax or email
  • It must contain a return address (this can be an email address)
  • It must clearly identify the information being sought 
  • It must be legible
  • Can be made from anywhere in the world
  • Can be made by an individual or an organisation

To be valid under the Freedom of Information Act, requests do not:

  • Have to be written on a special form
  • Need to mention the Act
  • Need to refer to 'Freedom of Information' in any way.

Gwent Police is under a duty to provide advice and assistance to anyone seeking information.

General Advice on Making a Request under the Freedom of Information Act

  •  Be specific by identifying the exact information you require. This will mean that your request is less likely to be refused on cost grounds.
  • Ensure you include a relevant time frame for example specific years.
  • Some information may already be published on our Disclosure Log, website or other official website, for example the Home Office.
  • When requesting general statistics please be aware of the different systems used to report incidents and crimes. An incident is a report of communication with the police. Not all incidents will therefore be crimes, An offence is a crime or illegal act. Notifiable offences are those offences required for statistical purposes by the Home Office.

Handling Freedom of Information Requests

Requests for information will be considered in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  An Applicant will receive a response within the statutory timescale of 20 working days as defined by the Act, subject to the information not being exempt or containing reference to a third party.  In some circumstances Gwent Police may be unable to achieve this deadline.  If this is likely, an applicant will be informed and given a revised timescale at the earliest opportunity.

Some requests may also require full or partial transference to another public authority in order to answer queries in the fullest possible way.  Again, an Applicant will be informed if this is the case.

Information Concerning Police Investigations

Police investigations are conducted with due regard to the confidentiality and privacy of victims, witnesses and suspects. Such investigations may also frequently involve the use of policing tactics or techniques that, if widely known, would hinder the ability of the police service to prevent and detect crime. It is further recognised that the release of information concerning current investigations may compromise any subsequent court proceedings.

For these reasons the police service will, in most cases, seek to apply an exemption to prevent the release of information concerning investigations when requested under the Freedom of Information Act, 2000.

Whilst adopting this general position, there is full recognition that in some cases there will be significant and compelling issues of public interest that require the disclosure of information. However, to override issues of personal privacy and possible harm to individuals involved in the investigation, this public interest must be significantly more than mere curiosity or interest in a particular investigation.

In order to ensure that these public interest issues are fully considered, all applications for information concerning investigations will be considered on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the requirements of the Act.

Please Note: If you require a caution/conviction history (sometimes referred to as a police certificate) this must be done under the Data Protection Act using a Subject Access Form.