Police Abbreviations / Acronyms list

ABC - Activity Based Costing
ABH - Actual Bodily Harm
ACC(O) - Assistant Chief Constable (Operations)
ACC(OS) - Assistant Chief Constable (Operations Support)
ACC(P) - Assistant Chief Constable (Personnel)
ACPO - Association of Chief Police Officers
AFO - Authorised Firearms Officer
AFR - Automatic Fingerprint Recognition
ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition
APA - Association of Police Authorities
APS - Accelerated Promotion Scheme
APSG - Accelerated Promotion Scheme for Graduates
ARV - Armed Response Vehicle
A/S - Arrest/Summons
ASBO - Anti-Social Behaviour Order
ASP - Type of police baton
ASU - Administrative Support Unit or Air Support Unit

BCU - Basic Command Unit
BEM - Business Excellence Model
BPA - Black Police Association
BTP - British Transport Police
BV - Best Value
BVPI - Best Value Performance Indicator

CC - Chief Constable
CCRC - Criminal Cases Review Commission
CDIB - Central Data Input Bureau
CDO - Civilian Detention Officer
Cdr - Commander
CDRP - Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership
CFSU - Central File Storage Unit
Ch. Insp. - Chief Inspector
CHIS - Covert Human Intelligence Source
Ch/Supt - Chief Superintendent
CI - Chief Inspector
CICB - Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
CID - Criminal Investigation Department
CIS - Criminal Information System
CJA - Criminal Justice Act
CJPO - Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
CJSU - Criminal Justice Support Unit
CJU - Criminal Justice Unit
CJU II - Criminal Justice Unit information system
CJX - Criminal Justice Unit Extranet - secure extranet available to police and other security accredited criminal justice agencies
CPIA - Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996
CPS - Crown Prosecution Service
CPT - Child Protection Team
CROP - Covert Rural Observation Point
CS - 2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile - incapacitant spray used by police forces
CSI - Crime Scene Investigator
CTO - Central Ticket Office

DAT - Drug Action Team
DC - Detective Constable
DCC - Deputy Chief Constable
DCI - Detective Chief Inspector
D Ch Supt - Detective Chief Superintendent
DCPA - Devon and Cornwall Police Authority
Det Supt - Detective Superintendent
DI - Detective Inspector
DMT - Department Management Team
DNA - Deoxyribonucleic acid
DPP - Director of Public Prosecutions
DRS - Driver Rectification Scheme
DS - Detective Sergeant
DVLA - Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
DVLC - Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre
DVU - Domestic Violence Unit

EFQM - European Foundation for Quality Management

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigations
FCR - Force Control Room
FEC - Force Enquiry Centre
FEN - Force Enterprise Network
FIB - Force Intelligence Bureau
FIC - Force Intelligence Centre
FIO - Field Intelligence Officer
FIU - Force Intelligence Unit
FLO - Family Liaison Officer
FMO - Force Medical Officer
FN - Fingerprint Number
FOI/A - Freedom of Information / Act
FPN - Fixed Penalty Notice
FPU - Family Protection Unit
FSS - Forensic Science Service

GBH - Grievous Bodily Harm
GIS - Geographic Information System

HAZCHEM - Hazardous Chemical
HGV - Heavy Goods Vehicle
HMCE - Her Majesty's Customs and Excise
HMIC - Her Majesty's Inspectors of Constabulary
HO - Home Office
HOLAB - Home Office Laboratory
HOLMES/ HOLMES II - Home Office Large Major Enquiry System - police major crime investigation computer system
HORT - Home Office Road Traffic Form
HRSSC - Human Resources Strategy Sub-Committee

ICPO - International Criminal Police Organisation
ICT - Information and Communications Technology
IFN - Information Force Network
IIMU - Incident and Intelligence Management Unit
IiP - Investors in People
IMSSC - Information Management Strategy Sub-Committee
Insp - Inspector
IO - Investigating Officer
IPA - International Police Association
ITLO - Information Technology Liaison Officer

JBB - Joint Branch Board
JCC - Joint Central Committee
JIC - Joint Intelligence Co-ordinator
JNCC - Joint Negotiating and Consultative Committee

KPI - Key Performance Indicator

LAGPA - Lesbian and Gay Police Association (now the Gay Police Association)
LIO - Local Intelligence Officer

MCIT - Major Crime Investigation Team
MIR - Major Incident Room
MISPER - Missing Person
MIST - Major Incident Support Team
MO - Modus Operandi
MPC - Motor Patrol Constable

NAFIS - National Automatic Fingerprint Identification System
NAI - Non-Accidental Injury
NARPO - National Association of Retired Police Officers
NCF - National Crime Faculty
NCIS - National Criminal Intelligence Service
NCPE - National Centre for Policing Excellence
NCS - National Crime Squad
NFA - No Further Action
NFIU - National Football Intelligence Unit
NIM - National Intelligence Model
NMIS - National Management Information System
NPT - National Police Training
NSPIS - National Strategy for Police Information Systems
NSY - New Scotland Yard

OIC - Officer in Charge or Officer in the Case
OIS - Operational Information System
OSPRE - Objective Structured Performance Related Examination - police promotion examination

PAA - Police Athletic Association
PACE - Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984
PC - Police Constable
PCA - Police Complaints Authority
PCSO - Police Community Support Officer
PCV - Passenger Carrying Vehicle
PDP - Professional Development Portfolio
PDR - Performance and Development Review
PEACE - Planning, Preparation, Engage, Explain, Account, Closure, Evaluate - interviewing technique
PI - Performance Indicator
PICS - Post Incident Colleague Supporter
PII - Public Interest Immunity
PIR - Police Initial Recruitment Test
PITO - Police Information Technology Organisation
PM - Post Mortem
PMAS - Police Mutual Assurance Society
PMBS - Police Main Base Station
PNB - Police Negotiating Board or Pocket Note Book
PNC - Police National Computer
PNN2 - Criminal Justice Network
PPAF - Police Performance Assessment Framework
PPS - Policy and Procedures System
PS - Police Sergeant
PSDB - Police Scientific Development Branch
PSU - Police Support Unit
PSV - Public Service Vehicle
PTC - Police Training Centre
PUM - Performance Update Meeting
PV - Personnel Reference Search Screen on the Operational Information System

QPM - Queen's Police Medal or Quality and Performance Management

RIPA - Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
ROTI - Record of Taped Interview
ROVI - Record of Video Interview
RSO - Registered Sex Offender or Road Safety Officer
RTA - Road Traffic Accident / Collision or Road Traffic Act

SB - Special Branch
SC - Special Constable
SCC - Senior Command Course
Sgt - Sergeant
SIG - Street Index Gazetteer
SIO - Senior Investigating Officer
SLA - Service Level Agreement
SOCO - Scenes of Crime Officer
SOG - Special Operations Group
SSS - Service Support Standard
SSU - Scientific Support Unit
Supt - Superintendent

TAG - Tactical Aid Group
TDO - Training Development Officer
TFU - Tactical Firearms Unit
TIC - Taken into Consideration
TSU - Technical Support Unit

UM - Unsolicited Message

VASCAR - Visual Average Speed Camera and Recorder - speed detection device used by police forces
VDRS - Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme
VFM - Value For Money
VODS - Vehicle On-line Descriptive Search
VSS - Victim Support Scheme

YOT - Youth Offending Team