WANTED: Naughty Elf back on the run!

This December, Gwent Police is launching its on-line Christmas campaign, to highlight how Gwent Police work together to help keep you safe not just at Christmas but all year around.

WANTED: Naughty Elf back on the run!

Officers are urging caution following the news that a naughty Elf is back on the run.

Last night, this notoriously naughty Elf broke out of a high security unit, where he was serving time at Her Majesty’s pleasure for a Christmas crime wave last year.

He’s currently on the run and at this moment in time, we believe he could be anywhere in Wales.

We have received intelligence to suggest that he’s up to his old tricks again and planning to ruin Christmas – we also believe that he’s been recruiting accomplice naughty elves to help him, especially in the Gwent area.

If you see him, or any of his naughty Elf on the shelf accomplices, please do not approach. Please report any sightings to Gwent Police by sending photographic evidence, either tweeting @gwentpolice or tag us on Instagram @gwentpolice.

Please remain alert to the dangers of Elf activity at this time of year.

You can follow our hunt to find him at www.facebook.com/gwentpolice, www.twitter.com/gwentpolice or on Instagram @gwentpolice.

The campaign, whilst light-hearted, conveys an important message about policing throughout Gwent.

Gwent Police Chief Constable, Julian Williams explains: “This year, we want to highlight the work that goes on behind the scenes by our officers to keep people safe at Christmas and all year around.

“This time of year is particularly busy for us – there’s a lot of hard work that goes on that people don’t see. We are particularly proud of our officers and teams throughout Gwent and we want to highlight some of the work that goes into detecting crime.

“Last year we had great fun engaging with the public, especially with their sightings of naughty elf accomplices throughout Gwent  – we hope the posts will educate adults and children of the work of teams throughout Gwent Police 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

“Will we be able to get the naughty elf back behind bars before Christmas? Just follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @gwentpolice to find out.”