House in Potter Street, Pill in Newport closed for 3 months

As a follow up to warrants executed in the Pill area last week, a  property will be boarded up today for 3 months following a closure order granted at Newport Magistrates court this morning.  During this time anyone who attempts to enter this property in contravention of the notice can be arrested by police.

Crime and Disorder Reduction Officer, PC Paula Spence gathered evidence showing that the Newport City Homes property in Potter Street, Pill had been allegedly linked to the use of Class A and B drugs, serious crime and disorder and serious assaults on officers.

It is also alleged that visitors constantly call at the property, looking to buy illegal drugs, on some occasions there can be up to 30 people outside from as early as 8am until midnight dealing to people back and fore the location. The group act in an anti-social manner and disrupt local residents. The gang stand in the street shouting, swearing, playing loud music, arguing and fighting. They are often seen with large amounts of money and drugs and blatantly deal,  openly in the street . They use residents bins and drain pipes to hide their drugs, as well as in their litter discarded on the ground around them.

Vehicles and taxis turn up outside the property at all times of the day and night. The local community are fearful for their safety as the visitors are intimidating residents by shouting and swearing abuse at them. Local residents have also had their cars damaged if they park in spaces ‘reserved’ for people arriving to buy drugs. Residents are concerned about letting their children outside in the street to play for fear of them getting hurt or witnessing the behaviour of those outside the property.

As a result, a closure order of 3 months has been granted at Newport Magistrates Court this morning.

PC Paula Spence said: ‘Having worked as the Crime  and Disorder Reduction Officer for Pill for the last 8 years, I am fully aware of the continued anti-social behaviour associated to this address. It has now become paramount that action is taken to resolve this situation which is clearly having a detrimental affect on the health and quality of life of local residents. These residents are effectively suffering in silence following the actions of large groups who persistently gather outside this property, intimidating residents and causing severe disorder associated with their drug and alcohol use. The address and the area in its vicinity are the nucleus to anti-social behaviour and disorder in the area and this closure will give residents the respite they need.”

Anyone who suspects that a premises is being used for the supply of illegal drugs can contact Gwent Police on 101 or by calling Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.