All Wales Drink Drive Campaign

Campaign: All Wales Drink Drive Campaign

Launch Date: Thursday 1st December 2016

Welsh Police Drink/Drug Driving Winter Campaign results show a slight increase.

Over 18,000 people in Wales were stopped and tested for drink driving or driving whilst under the influence of drugs, during the recent All Wales Winter Anti Drink/Drug Driving Campaign. 

The police campaign was launched by South Wales Police on the 1st December 2016 with the help of Angela Coen whose son, Arran, sadly died as a result of getting behind the wheel when he was over the drink drive limit.

Following the conclusion of the campaign on New Year's Day, officers had stopped and tested 18,408 drivers at the roadside.

All Wales Strategic Lead for Roads Policing, Assistant Chief Constable Jeremy Vaughan of South Wales Police, said,

"Overall in Wales, we have seen a slight increase in the number of arrests, refusals or failures compared to last year. Our message to those drivers is clear, don't mix any amount of alcohol, no matter how small, with driving. It simply isn't safe. Statistics speak for themselves, and it is clear that after consuming alcohol or drugs, the chances of you being involved in a collision increases dramatically.

"We would like to thank the public of Wales for their assistance in providing us with information about drink drivers and we would like to reassure them that we will continue to use intelligence and technology to target those minority of drivers who continue to flout the law.

"I would like to urge the public to listen to Angela Coen's story and we will continue to work with our partners and communities to ensure that drink and drug driving is viewed as totally unacceptable."

During the launch of this year's campaign, on the 1st December, Angela Coen, said,

 "Growing up Arran was a well-liked boy, he had many friends and people who loved him dearly. Throughout his life Arran excelled at a great many things, he had the potential of achieving anything he wanted to.

 "When Arran chose to get behind the wheel of his car he didn't consider the impact that one extra drink could have on his ability to keep control.

 "After losing Arran, my life will never be the same again. I want people to truly understand the impact driving under the influence can have on family and the community. Don't drink and drive."

  Chief Inspector Huw Jones of Gwent Police  said,

"We see the tragic realities of what can happen when people flout the law with devastating injuries being suffered or people losing their lives. 

We will continue to take action against those driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs all year round, targeting those through intelligence we get. Not only are these people putting themselves at risk but they are also a danger to other road users as well."

Susan Storch, Chair of Road Safety Wales said,

 "Driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs is unacceptable and anyone caught faces a minimum 1 year driving ban, an unlimited fine and even a prison sentence. Every year, families have to deal with the devastating effects of losing a loved one because of a small minority who choose to drink or take drugs and then drive - something which is entirely avoidable.

 "We'd like to thank partners and members of the public who continue to support us by spreading the Anti Drink Drug Driving message and in particular the emergency services who continue to work tirelessly keeping us safe on the roads in Wales."