Inspector John Davies

Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, John Davies, who covers the central Newport area

This is my first blog, so I thought I’d start with a short introduction of myself. I’ve been with Gwent Police as a police officer for 22 years this year. I’ve worked right throughout the organisation, predominantly in Neighbourhood Policing as a Sergeant and Inspector in Newport, also in crime, but more recently in operational support as a Sergeant and Inspector.

Well it’s been an interesting first 5 weeks as the Newport Central Inspector…

The first few weeks saw some fairly quick and small changes that I believe will make a big difference to our priorities. It was clear to me that the community's Your Voice response was going to give us:

  • Street drinking and begging throughout the town centre
  • Anti-social behaviour in the Westgate Square area

I’m working hard with my team of Sergeants to realign the times our Constables and Community Support Officers are available to tackle these problems. Anyone who uses the City Centre during the day and evening, when they are most prevalent, will start to see a difference in the visibility of our officers on foot when it matters.

There has been some great work targeting prolific offenders on the City Centre. C and B relief officers made an arrest of father and son who were causing some serious issues on the city centre. Some good bail conditions and offender management has given the businesses and users of the city centre some respite.

PC Derbyshire has taken responsibility for another of our recurring problem individuals and we are now able to manage their behaviour more effectively. Where we can publicise what we do we will do so, but understand there are always things going on in the background we might not be able to tell you about, specifically as they involve juvenile offenders.

We work with the local authority and other organisations to try and divert as many people from ASB and crime as possible but sometimes there is no option but to deal with them criminally. I’m working a lot with some of our partners trying to put some systems in place that reduce the demand on all our services, not just over the Christmas period but in the future. The Welsh Ambulance Service Trust have been particularly supportive. The less demand placed on all of us the more we can deal with what matters most.

Our friends in the Street Pastors continue to help us prevent crime and protect vulnerable people on the weekends and we should all be grateful for that.

I am working with the local authority to re-visit the public space prevention order in place on the City Centre to ensure it is enforceable by all agencies. Its surprisingly more complicated to ensure the wording is correct and works legally than you would imagine! I should have something else to report on this in January.

The new structure in our special constabulary is helping us enormously in policing the evening and night time economy in the City Centre not just releasing resources to deal with priorities but all over Newport.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to some people who run businesses in Newport in the last month. Please, if you have an opinion or an idea about the City Centre priorities let me know, we never profess to have all the answers and if it’s in my gift, we’ll give it a go.

I will be losing a member of the team to the Criminal Investigation Department at the end of the month, PC Jack Purcell is moving on to CID, good luck to Jack, well deserved. He has been replaced by Alan Hard from Avon and Somerset, welcome back to Gwent Alan. I hope to be able to introduce to you three new Police Constables and 3 new Community Support Officers in the new year who will start to bolster the team.

Looking forward to the Christmas period, easy to say, not so easy to do, but everything in moderation and stay safe. Please try and spare a thought for the girls and guys from all our emergency services who will be spending time away from their families at Christmas to make sure you are safe with yours.

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Inspector John Davies