Guest Blog: Sergeant Nigel Callard

Your latest Guest Blog from your local Sergeant, Nigel Callard, who covers the Caldicot and Chepstow area

The official statistics for Gwent Police show that over the last 12 months Monmouthshire South has seen a decrease in crime of 10.6% (Chepstow 10.8%, Caldicot 10.5%) and 19.2% in Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) (Chepstow 16.7% and Caldicot 21.9%).  Whilst this is an excellent result, it does not mean we can be complacent and we still have to manage all the wards and their requirements.

On this point, the latest round of ‘Your Voice’ surveys has been completed and the results of this will be out shortly. 

Crimes for April across the area have remained fairly static, although we did have an instance where several vehicles were broken into and property stolen in the Mill and Elm wards. A local man was arrested for these thefts and enquiries are continuing into the return of stolen property to the owners.  Thefts from motor vehicles, sheds and shoplifting continue to be the main crimes we’re working on in Monmouthshire South.

In last month’s blog, I emphasised that members of the public remain vigilant of any suspicious activity in their area. I requested that vehicles and sheds were kept locked and secured when not in use and that valuables are not left in sight. This continues to be a problem. 

Over the next month or so my team will be out and about – looking at cars, sheds etc. and leaving notes for the owners where the above has not been adhered to.  

We have recently arrested 2 men (one is now currently in prison) for shoplifting at both Asda and Waitrose stores in the Caldicot area. We believe these men were responsible for the majority of  crimes which had been reported in Caldicot and so we expect a decrease in the coming months.

I reported last month a particular problem of a person begging and sleeping rough in and around Caldicot Town Centre and causing a nuisance to members of the public – this man has been further arrested and is currently waiting to attend court. Again I encourage members of the public to call 101 should they come across this problem.

I also previously reported that we had some damage caused to some of the shop windows in Caldicot Town Centre. It has come to light that the CCTV cameras did not completely cover all areas and we are now assisting the Council in correcting this.

With regards to anti-social behaviour in Monmouthshire South, there have been complaints made, regarding youths in the King George V playing field, Caldicot, causing a nuisance and taking drugs – proactive patrols are being conducted in this area and I should be able to give a positive update next month in my blog. We have continued to work with other agencies and are still engaging with youths in the Magor and Undy areas.  Due to this, we have experienced a decrease in calls.

Further patrols have been made on the B4235 for offences being committed by both motorcyclists and cars, in relation to speeding and noisy exhausts. Again, four reports have been submitted for offenders who have crossed the double white lines. Over the last few months several calls had been made about ‘boy racers’ in the Welsh Street Car Park, Chepstow.  I am happy to say that targeted patrols were made and a reduction in incidents has been seen. 

On a down side, there have been two purse thefts in Chepstow Town last month. You need to be cautious and vigilant, be aware of your surroundings at all times. Ask yourself; is your purse out of view? Is your handbag zipped up? Do not keep your PIN numbers in your purse with your cards; and always use your hand to cover the keypad when entering your PIN number into the machine.