Guest Blog: Sergeant Nigel Callard

Your latest Guest Blog from your local Sergeant, Nigel Callard, who covers the Caldicot and Chepstow area

The summer holidays are over and the children are back in school, the nights are drawing in and there is a slight chill in the air. Winter is on its way.

On that cheerful note let’s look at the performance for the last 2 months.

  • Throughout July and August South Monmouthshire received 141 incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Lower Wye had 64 calls (33 in July and 31 in August)
  • Severnside had 77 Calls (39 in July and 38 in August)

In comparison to last year, it shows a great improvement as we had 188 calls last year for the same period and equates to just over 1 call per day, per region.

  • Lower Wye reduced from 83
  • Severnside reduced from 95

Officers targeted specific areas and linked with other agencies to provide activities for local youths during the holidays.

The new Caldicot Comprehensive School is now complete and a fine building it is.  However, there have been issues surrounding parking in and around the school since it opened. I hope that these will ease when the surrounding areas are completed. This point is replicated at every school in the region and, with the new school year arriving, I request that parents and visitors to our schools park responsibly and legally while respecting local residents.

In relation to crime, figures have remained the same during July and August - 153 crimes per month. While this may sound a lot, it breaks down to 5 crimes per day for the whole of Monmouthshire South, which are the lowest crime figures in the whole of Gwent.

There was a slight increase in Caldicot (+7) and a slight decrease in Chepstow (-7) from July.

The main issue for us remain thefts from unattended vehicles across the region, we continue to request you ensure your vehicles are locked and property is not visible or, better still, valuables are not left in the vehicle at all.  My officers have been out trying car doors to see if they are locked and leaving notices for the owners of vehicles that are not locked.

We have recently noticed that occasionally residents have not reported crimes to us but then go on social media sites to complain about them – please, if you are subject to a crime, report it to us and we can do something for you.

Over the last 2 months we have had 2 separate calls relating to rogue traders – people going door to door offering to do garden clearing or other odd jobs. They then obtain payment and either fail to do any of the work or charge extremely high prices for shoddy work.  Can residents be mindful of this and keep a watch out, especially for their elderly or vulnerable neighbours who may be targeted.

This month we have arrested a male for at least 10 shoplifting offences in the Caldicot area and a female for a further 10 offences. Both are awaiting court and custodial sentences are a possibility.

The next round of Your Voice surveys is due and you have the ability to take part and put your concerns to us.

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Sergeant Nigel Callard