Inspector Jim Neesam

Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, Jim Neesam, who covers the Blackwood and Risca areas

This is my last blog as the Inspector in Blackwood as I am handing over the reins to Inspector Steve Drayton who joins the team on 20thAugust having spent the last year working in our custody unit. Steve has previously worked in the area as a Sergeant and has a good understanding of local geography and the community. I know he is looking forward to the challenge of policing this busy and varied area.

Throughout each weekend in July, the Neighbourhood Teams have been busy with an operation to address the issue of anti-social vehicle use and specifically the use of off-road bikes. Off-roading can cause a real nuisance to communities, it invariably causes damage to the landscape and also has the potential to place others, including walkers, horse riders and those legitimately using the countryside, at risk.

To date we have seized two off-road bikes and issued formal warnings to four off-roaders. This means that any future anti-social or illegal use in the next 12 months will result in the seizure of their bikes.

On the subject of vehicles, we have jointly completed an operation with DVLA enforcement, across the Caerphilly Central area on 20th July 2017. As a result, 19 vehicles were clamped, fines issued and road taxes paid. Those owners who don’t comply will have their vehicles recovered. When a vehicle isn’t taxed it can often indicate that it is also uninsured and possibly being driven without a license, so it’s really important we work with partners to complete these type of activities to keep communities safe.

Finally, Blackwood bus station has on occasions been a magnet for anti-social behaviour . We have worked closely with the local authority including the CCTV team, to identify offenders and a Criminal Behaviour Order was issued to earlier this year which prevents the person from entering the bus station. Since issuing this Order, he has not re-offended and there has been significant respite to users of the bus station.

We continue to patrol and monitor the area and on 6th June 2017 my officers responded to a report of a man drug dealing and being monitored by CCTV. Officers were able to detain the man and find cash and drugs too.  The offender was convicted in Crown Court and sentenced to 12 months in prison .The cash seized has been seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act and reinvested into community projects.

Thanks once again for all your support and I wish you all the very best for the future.