Rules we have to follow

The following information should provide you with an understanding of our requirements and procurement processes to help you develop an appropriate approach to improve your chances of winning business.

As a public sector organisation we are bound by both European Law and National Guidance that govern how we procure goods and services, ensuring fair and equitable competition. In addition procurement activity under the applicable EU/National thresholds is governed by Financial Standing Orders that are contained in Police Crime Commissioner’s constitution. 

Procurement regulations and guidance are in place to ensure open, fair and transparent processes take place when procuring goods and services with public money.

The process to award contracts can seem bureaucratic. The benefits of such a process include fairness, legality and transparency. The process is fully documented electronically and the history can be scrutinised. Red tape is kept to a minimum. The Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent is committed to encouraging local businesses and enterprises, as well as supporting new markets and innovative solutions.